The Ugly Cancer Bug Returns

Its no joke, just ask me.

Its no joke, just ask me.

Good Morning Everyone,

I have been silent the last few weeks. My apologies. While visiting the dentist for  a normal visit I was told there was a brown spot on the top of my mouth. To someone with Cancer, this is horrible frightening news. And the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of Doctors and test. The good news is, it seems to just be contained in one area! And they will remove it next Monday. God willing it will all work out. Why am I sharing all this? Because I could have prevented it. I only had to stay out of Tanning beds/booths. It makes me so angry at myself. I thought it wouldn’t, couldn’t happen to me! I was invinsible. NOT!  And everyone Please hear me it was so not worth it!!!!! I wish I could go back and change my choice of tanning. But I can’t . Hopefully, I can get you to make better, informed choices. That is why I’m sharing. I will take pictures next week and share them. Maybe just maybe I can make a difference . I know you wanna be Tan and it looks Healthy and sexy. Believe me I get it. Go get a spray Tan. A good spray Tan is undetectable and looks beautiful .

Everyday good or bad is a gift, appreciate it !



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