Training, Do I really need it ?

I received an email this morning asking me if someone really needs training. YES you do! Think about this for just a minute. Do you want your hair dresser to watch a training video and then cut or color your hair ? It will take days and many times months to correct the mistakes someone untrained will make. Remember you will need to walk around looking cray cray until you find a professional to fix it. How do you feel about that ? Scares me. I have seen way to many airbrush tans  that are hideous ! I notice it most in  the spring when everyones showing some skin.  It makes me actually crazy to see how many bad tans are out there. I just want to scream thats not the way its supposed to look. I wish I could train the whole  world. You see they lump us together. They judge us as Airbrush Tanning. When your out there untrained, doing your thing . It hurts all of us who work so hard. I haven’t even touched on doing this and then trying to open a business. I have seen this happen way to many times. You might as well stand in the street and throw money. People will at least like you. lol If your tanning people and they walk around looking cray cray for a week. I imagine they won’t be to happy, and everyone they encounter during that week is sure to see and hear about your business. It won’t stop there, she will be mad for years to come and tell everyone when the conversation of tanning comes up. Think you or your business will succeed ? I will leave you to ponder that today…….more tomorrow.

Everyday good or bad is a gift! Make it count.


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