Why do you think celebrities look ageless ? The secret…..

Good morning,

What are you all doing on this beautiful Pre summer day? I hope what ever it is it includes sunscreen. Because that is the secret. You will never hear of or see a celebrity leave there home without it.  Yes, every morning. Especially on your face. That is where I had my first cancer removed. I was 35 and they cut my eye open and down my check to remove it. Did you know when you have cancer removed your awake. Did you know that they do it in layers. they keep cutting deeper and deeper until no cancer cells are detected. Did you know they don’t care what scar your left with. The one and only goal is to remove the cancer. Did you know you sit or lay there while they test. Waiting and wondering if they are coming back in for more. Afraid to look in a mirror. Afraid of what you look like. Did you know most will require plastic surgery to reconstruct. Did you know your insurance will not cover this….. So yes, find a foundation with sunscreen or just apply some before leaving the house. The American Cancer Society recommends an SPF of 35. That 3 seconds of your morning can save you from going thru what I am.

Everyday Good or Bad is A gift……Remember that



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