People ask me all the time “how did you get so successful ?” The funny part is I never tried. I was diagnosed with Cancer from tanning beds. After that I started researching. What I was found out just blew me away. If you use Tanning beds just once a month you increase your risk of skin cancer over 50%! Why don’t the average person know this? Why is this a secret? Its called Big business. The tanning industry is a trillion dollar a year conglomerate. Truth is, they don’t want you to know. If you know, it hurts there business. No, they don’t care about your health just there money. So I have made it my mission to educate. You see I’m passionate about it. It’s personal to me. I care about my health, your health and future generations health. I may be one small girl from New Jersey, but hell yes I’m making a difference. So success to me….its not the celebrities I tan or the places I’ve been or the famous friends I have made. These things are fun, and yes I still get a kick out of it.  But to me Success is inspiring others to change.

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