Sexy Men Tan Too


Good Morning Everyone,

On my travels this week I met a gentleman who asked ” what do you do for a living?” This question always requires a long explanation. First I answer I airbrush tan people. Then they look at me like WHAT?  I have to explain the whole process. Always when I’m done they reply “so you paint naked people?” Maybe I should just start with that when they ask LOL. My point to all of this was his reply ” so its a girly thing?” No, I tan a lot of men. Again I get that look and really? Yes, really. In typical old school man attitude he asked “Like gay guys?” No sir like all guys. His reply was well I don’t think real manly men would do that. Well I hope you read my blog like I invited you to. Above is a photo of Mr. Victor Martinez (if you don’t know, he was MR. UNIVERSE) I dare you to find a more manly man. And sir he is airbrushed Tanned. Very beautifully I may add. Many Men of all shapes sizes, get airbrushed tanned. Not just celebrities or bodybuilders or actors. Everyday men. Men just like you. I am truly sorry that you feel the way you do. I hope maybe i’ve changed your mind just a little. My offer stands if your ever around one of my salons stop in for a freebie. I love converting people over to a healthier Tan 🙂  Because yes Airbrush Tanning is for men To !

Everyday Good or Bad is a Gift, Enjoy it



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