A question :

I have gotten a healthy tans spray tan before and did not have a problem, but I have been getting a red bumpy rash behind my knees lately when I use XXXXXXX tanning products. I was wondering if you have ever heard of someone developing an allergy to DHA or something else in the tanning ingredients? I have a trip to go on in April and I wanted to get a tan but I can’t be broken out in a rash!
Thank you!
Hi Lauren,
 First off….   Thanks for the question.  If you are Experiencing a reaction I would bet it is not the DHA. For DHA is found naturally in your body. So the odds to have a reaction is over one in 5 million . With that said it is probably some thing else in the product you are using.
So try a different over the counter product or stop in to your closest Healthy Tans. Tell them Christi used your question in her blog and said to give you $10 off 🙂
Everyday good or bad is a Gift, use it wisely

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