ECOCERT releases statement regarding Organic DHA


Good Morning Everyone,
Today is a great day in the Tanning Industry. A day I have been waiting for. It is with great pleasure, I share with you this statement released by ECOCERT. Please read it over.


L’Isle  Jourdain  – July, 2nd 2014


Ecocert does NOT certify
“organic” DHA (Dihydroxyacetone)

Ecocert has noticed numerous tanning products claiming they contain “organic DHA certified by Ecocert”, which is false and misleading to the consumer.

Indeed, Ecocert has not certified DHA as organic (according  to  the  “Ecocert  Natural and Organic Cosmetic  Standard”) from any manufacturer and has seen no evidence that organic DHA exists.

As such, any representation by a seller of tanning products that they use “Eco Certified (Eco-Cert) organic DHA”, “Organic Ecocert-certified DHA” or other similar wording is false and misleading to the consumer.

Ecocert is currently in the process of informing the concerned tanning industry participants of these incorrect statements in their marketing materials, and is asking all sellers and distributors using such wording to discontinue immediately.

Actually, Ecocert has only validated DHA from certain suppliers for its use in organic products certified in accordance with the Ecocert Natural and Organic Cosmetic Standard. This validation is in no way equivalent to a certification as organic and the DHA will not even count as organic in the calculations applicable to the certified products under the Ecocert standard.

Additionally, parties   with   no   affiliation   with   Ecocert   are   using   the   trademarked   term   “Ecocert”   without authorization. Specific approval from Ecocert for each use of this trademarked term is required and Ecocert reserves the right to pursue legal remedies for trademark violations and reputation parasitism.

Read more about “Ecocert  Natural and  Organic  Cosmetic  Standard”: For further information or questions on the Ecocert standard, please contact ECOCERT Greenlife at

0033 5 62 07 51 09 or one of its subsidiaries (contact available on our website).

If i have told you once, I told you a million different times, KNOW WHATS IN YOUR PRODUCT!!!! If you are using one of the large companies especially Norvell (did you read the article in Tan Today?) If you don’t want to be sued, Stop saying your Organic Immediately !!!! certify-organic-dha.html 

Those of us who Spend the money, and do things right are rejoicing today! Finally a little recognition … :} All of Ventura Tan Customers and Healthy Tans relax enjoy this beautiful day. The rest of you I suggest you do some damage control. Everyday is a gift Good or Bad  ( lol ) Enjoy it


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