Who is she? Where did she come from? WHY is she an expert ?

I am not one to boast about myself, so I found this extremely hard to write. Thankfully my talented amazing business entropenor students from the fantastic ROHRER COLLEGE OF BUSINESS wrote it for me. Much thanks and love guys ! Here goes…..

Christi is an amazing and talented woman. She started her adult life as a compassionate, very capable Nurse and young mother. She tells us all the time “just when things seem to be normal, prepare for the worst”. Because this is what life has taught her. She tells us,”there is a reason for everything  a tragedy to some is an opportunity to others. If you are prepared and excepting to change. Able to transform yourself and adapt, amazing wonderful things will come your way”.  And she is right ! Please allow us to take you on a  interesting brief journey of her life that proves her theory.

We will start at the age of 34 when she was diagnosed with skin cancer. Suddenly everything changed. And just two days after hearing such difficult news, there she sat in a chair having her face cut up.( to read more about this and in her own words please visit http://www.healthytans.net/about/)  A tragedy ? YES ! But in true Christi Style she transformed it into a blessing. Within six months she started a little tanning Salon WITHOUT Beds or Booths. Unheard of in those days. She named it Healthy Tans. As any entropenor  knows opening a new business is hard work .  Everyone from her accountants to attorneys thought she was just a little crazy. Not understanding, they asked  “so your going to open a salon where you paint naked people “?  This made her realize that educating the public on the dangers of traditional tanning would be a major part of her success.  As she worked on that task she found her true passion. In her own words…”If I can just save one person from going thru what I have all the work is worth it”. See why we refer to her as amazing? Because we said a brief journey again we will use her works to move along. ” It wasn’t easy and I made a lot of mistakes along the way, But today I am proud of what I’ve accomplished and where I have been. I wouldn’t change a thing.” I guess your thinking what has she done? Well she has transformed that little unknown salon into the best tanning salon in South Jersey the last 12 years all the while opening more. Along the way she also managed to start one of the most well respected airbrush tanning supply companies . Ventura Tan makes organic solutions and products used thru out the world. Christi’s solutions have graced celebrity skin in Movies, music, theatre and television. She has tanned famous actors, artist, musicians and comedians. She has trained Celebrity makeup artist thru out the world to provide their clients with her signature sexy skin. And yet she still finds time to work with and donate to the American Cancer Society and any other organization that needs her help. Use us as an example, she donates her time, experience and knowledge yearly so that we can learn  from her experiences and grow into successful entrepreneurs. She tells us new students” I have no formal  business background “.  ( this is why we called her talented.) “I just always do the right thing by people. I treat them as I would like to be treated. I don’t get to full of myself or act like something I’m not. After all this I realized, We are all People. At the end of the day we all must lay down with the decisions and choices we make. Wether it be in a mansion or in a shelter.” So make good ones! We will Christi, if only just to make you proud.


On behalf of all of the students you have touched,

We Thank You!

It is with great honor and pride I share this note. I really could have never put it so well. Thank you guys ! So much.

FYI for all I have taught you…I have learned twice as much.

So Everyone Welcome to my Blog.

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